Books that I absolutely love

Lots of people I know ask me about my all time favourite novel and sometimes they ask me to choose only one book, and it’s hard to name one books as all time favourite because there are so much amazing books, novels in the world but If I have to name a few then, Here…More

Book Review : Conan The Dandelion 🍀 by I.J Hidee

One of the cutest and touching story ever… The story is so beautiful and worth reading that anyone will fell in love with this story. This is one of my most favourite web stories ever and now it’s available in paperback too. I am literally so happy and really want all of you to read…More

Books I am looking forward to read in 2021 ♥️

Books are the one of the most important thing in my life and I want to start my new year by reading some of the. amazing books that I couldn’t read in 2020. So I created a (to read) list There are the list of some books that is in my to read list: Wake…More

Book Review: The boy on the bridge by fragmented ❤️

CUTE, AMAZING ANG FULL OF LOVE… A Gay love story that will make you smile, giggle, blush and cry too, it’s full of emotions and love. I swear this story will remind all of you about your first love, first date, first kiss. Main Characters: Joshua Goldmann ( Golden boy)Elliot ( Bridge boy) The story…More

Book recommendation: Tuesdays with Morrie by Mitch Albom

Inspirational, Full of Meaning, teaches importance of life and time you have and how to live and do things you love… Teaches about life and death, how to face problems in your life… I learnt a lot of thing from this book!! If you guys are looking for inspirational book, I will recommend all of…More